8 Everyday Products You Can Use in Original Ways ...

We all have stuff just lying around the house, everyday products and items that we'd usually just throw away and ignore. However, a lot of these items you can use in original ways that may surprise you. Rather than letting household items go to waste, you should make use of them in any way you can. To get started, check out these everyday products you can use in original ways!

1. Rubbing Alcohol

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I always have this stuff in the house, although to be honest, I rarely use it for what it's for (actually, I don't think I've ever used it for anything except cleaning earrings). However, this particular household product can be used to remove things like marker stains from the walls and other surfaces. Considering that I have white walls and lots of scuff marks, this makes me happy!

2. Clothespins

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Although not everybody has clothespins, they're cheap and easy to buy, and worth the effort even if you don't hang your clothes out to dry. When you're not that great with other tools, like hammers and nails (I'm raising my hand here), then clothespins can be a great alternative. Specifically, you can use the pins to clamp nails and hold them in place when you have to hammer them, thereby reducing the risk of smashed fingers!

3. Soda Bottles

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Or pop bottles, as the Better Half calls them, can be extraordinarily helpful around the house. You can save some of them back from the recycling containers and put one in the back of the toilet tank. What? No, really, it can help conserve water if you don't have one of the new efficient models. You can fill it up with water, first, so that it will take up more room, thus making your tank use less water.

4. Starch

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Specifically, spray starch is another everyday product that can be used in a unique way. You can spray it onto your shoes, as long as they are made of nylon or canvas, and it will keep them clean. They'll look new for ages, because the starch helps them repel any dirt. I'm so into this one – I love keeping my shoes in great shape.

5. Baby Powder

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I think almost everyone has baby powder in their home. It's great for tons of things – like preventing any sweat stains, especially on light colored clothing! All you have to do is sprinkle some of it onto the collar and underarms of your light shirts. If you then iron the shirt with no steam, then the powder creates a great barrier that will keep the clothing from getting stained.

6. Hairspray

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I have partially empty bottles of hairspray everywhere, because I can't bring myself to throw it away when there's something left in the bottle or can, even if I don't use the particular brand anymore. If you have that issue too, no worries! Hairspray helps with sewing. What you do is spray the end of your piece of thread and wait for it to stiffen. It makes threading the needle a breeze. I don't know about you, but threading needles is supremely difficult for me, so this is awesome.

7. Lemons

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Lemons are helpful in a number of ways. They can clean and sanitize a chopping block, they can keep certain foods, like lettuce or apples, from getting brown, and they can remove stains from wooden cooking implements. For that matter, a little lemon juice can get tea stains off of clothing or cloth, it can clean and whiten your fingernails, or make your sore throat feel better. What a wonder fruit!

8. Salt

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Last but certainly not least, salt is a wonderful everyday product that can do lots of things. Primarily, you can use it to make cream, egg whites, or eggs get very solid and very high, very fast, which definitely saves on energy. You can use simple table salt to de-ice your steps or porch or driveway if you're out of rock salt, as well, or use it to clean your drains.

There are lots of household items that can be used in incredibly unique ways. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love when that happens – it's so efficient, and it can save so much time and energy. These are just a few everyday products you can use in original ways. Do you have any more examples?

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