8 Bright New Accessories ...

My friends and family tease me for having too much black in my wardrobe, and while I can’t argue, I can try to change my left-over goth ways. But rather than set aside my widow’s weeds, I’ve started my fashion make-over by adding bright accessories. Adding a new accessory can make over an entire outfit, even one based heavily in black, so until I get the courage (and the funds) to add a rainbow of colors to my wardrobe, I’ll keep adding bright new accessories, like these!

1. My Cherry Cherie Ring

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Price: $12.99 at modcloth.com
What a pretty cocktail ring! It features a pair of sweet red cherries on a stem with two green leaves, all atop a thin gold-tone lead-free metal band. Pair with a vintage polka-dot dress and patent Mary Janes for an incredibly cute springtime ensemble.

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