7 Worst Fashion Disasters of the Decade ...

While the last ten years had some fashion highs they also saw some of the worst fashion disasters ever seen. Trends, which were unflattering, tacky or just plain gross, inexplicably became hugely popular. Thankfully most of them are on their way out, but before we say goodbye to these horrible trends, let’s walk down memory lane and review some of the worst fashion disasters of the decade:

1. Harem Pants

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Photo Credit: duende clothings

Harem pants are probably the most ugly if not unflattering style of clothing ever to make its way into the fashion scene. The only people who could possibly carry them off were the extremely skinny undernourished model types. Sadly the remaining 99% of the population didn’t seem to be aware of that. Women of all shapes, sizes and heights tried desperately to rock this look and most failed miserably.

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