7 Websites to Visit to Get a Free Insurance Quote ...

I always feel like I’m throwing money away every month on my car insurance. I’ve only had to make a claim once, in the twenty plus years I’ve been driving, and my insurance company fought me on every penny — and then my premiums sky-rocketed! So I searched online for a new policy, and I found so many great sites that gave me free insurance quotes! If you’re looking for car insurance, you ought to check out these sites, too! These are 7 websites to visit to get a free insurance quote… go now!

1. Geico

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Website: geico.com
Aside from having the absolute cutest mascot ever, The Gecko, and some of the funniest TV commercials, Geico also offers free insurance quotes on their website. And it’s not just for car insurance, either! You can get a quote for all kinds of vehicle and home coverage.

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