7 Ways to Spot Mr.Wrong during the First Date ...

Nobody wants to waste time with Mr Wrong...I mean, all the preparation that goes into a first date, from picking an outfit to working out what to talk about and where to go, is only worthwhile if Mr Right is sat waiting for you...preferably with lots of money, a nice car and some flowers! There are some ways you can spot Mr Wrong without putting too much time in, these are the 7 ways you can tell if he’s more likely to be Mr Right, or Mr Not Quite Right.

1. He Likes to Touch You

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If he can’t keep his hands to himself, it probably means that his intentions are more towards getting you into bed rather then bringing him into your life. I’ve got a friend who convinced herself that he was just overcome with desire, but really, he wanted to have some fun and then delete her number. He even went as far as to take her to a place his exgirlfriend was, and use her to make his ex jealous. I bet it didn’t work...nobody wants to be ‘just for fun’.

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