7 Ways to Be More Popular ...

As a teen, it seems like the most important thing is being popular. All the popular kids at school, the "in-crowd" seem to have it all: money, clothes, good grades, good friends, flashy cars. Everyone wants to be friends with the popular kids! Here's the good news: You, yes you, can be popular, too! It isn't about money or social upbringing. It's all about one very crucial characteristic- People skills! Here are 7 ways to develop your people skills and start being the popular kid!

1. Be Friendly

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Photo Credit: Ryan Brenizer

Popular people are on friendly terms with pretty much everyone--not only their peers, but also the teachers, the supervisors, the grocery store clerk, the janitor, the parents, the kids, and generally anyone who's even the tiniest bit nice. They're on good enough terms that they can hold a short, friendly conversation with anyone in the room. There's no reason you can't do that too! Talk to anyone and everyone who crosses your path. Keep it casual, stick with small talk and be polite. No one likes a prying person.

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