7 Types of Bad Friends and How to Dump Them ...

You don’t have to be in junior high or high school to be burned, back-stabbed, or annoyed by a bad friend. It’s sad, but true — bad friends can drain your time, energy, and even your bank account. Who are these bad friends, and how do you spot them? Or, more importantly, how do you get rid of them? Here’s my list of the seven bad friends, and how to dump them…

1. The Frenemy

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She acts like your friend, but is she really? When she pays you a compliment, there’s always a sting along with it, like “You look great, for someone your size” or “You’re the only one I know who could pull off those ugly shoes with that dress!” If your friend makes you feel bad most of the time, and you know she’s nearly as nice behind your back as she is to your face (which isn’t very nice to start with), then she is probably the dreaded back-stabbing, mean-spirited Frenemy. How do you get rid of her? Stop calling her. Stop taking her calls. Delete her from Facebook, and ignore her pointed questions about why she’s no longer invited to your parties or girls nights out. She already knows why.

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