7 Tools to Manage Your Life ...


Life in modern times is without a doubt is busier and more complicated than life in any other time in history. We move quickly through our days, trying to accomplish as many things as we can. I’m sure you know what I am talking about as I am sure that you have been or are caught in this web of tasks and to-dos. Life can get really confusing if you don’t find a way to organize your thoughts and activities. Thankfully, there are tools to manage your life and create productivity out of chaos.

1. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is an online tool that lets you create lists of the tasks you need to accomplish. You are able to categorize your tasks into different lists, as well as set priority and repeat tasks. You can receive and send tasks to other Remember the Milk users. You can add tasks through email or Twitter. Tasks can also be shared among a group of people. If you have a web-enabled mobile device, then you can access Remember the Milk while on-the-go. For iPhone users, you can get the App for free. You can also use it with your Twitter, Google Calendar, Gmail, and iGoogle account. You have the choice of signing up for a free or Pro account.

Google Applications
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