7 Tips on Keeping Your Dog in Your Yard ...

Dogs are best friends to men and women, which means we have responsibilities to keeping them safe. They don't understand the dangers and what to do in the outside world, besides being a dog. Dogs can get hit, shot or even lost if you don't have a way to contain them. You should always have a leash on your dog or have a fence in yard. We will now tell you 7 tips to keeping your dog in your yard…

7. Avoid Showing Them the Road

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If you take precautions to not show them the road, then they can be scared of it. If you're dog roams near the road and likes chasing cars, you need to know this needs to be corrected. They will get lost or hurt if you don't teach them to sway away from this habit. First off, to avoid this never show them the road. Take them on walks in the backyard or sidewalks. Also, leash train them. To fix this problem, you need to show them the road is bad. It will be hard to teach them, but it needs to be done.

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