7 Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Landlord ...


I'll be honest. This is totally a rant post. You might have a great relationship with your landlord, or maybe you can be upfront with him or her, or maybe you don't have any problems at all. In either case, I envy you and would like to move in immediately. See, the Better Half and I live in a landlord occupied apartment, and our landlord has very definitive ideas. You will see what I mean if you'd like to read these 7 things you wish you could say to your landlord – which are actually 7 things I want to say to my landlord. A lot.

1. Your Power Bill is Your Fault

Utilities are included in our rent. That is awesome! What is not awesome is when the landlord decides that we use too much power. Before us, there was a single tenant in the apartment. One person. An older lady, in fact. She did not use a lot of power. We do not use a lot of power either but there are two of us. Know what uses up the most of it? Space heaters. Know why we use space heaters? 'cause the landlord has us on ridiculous heat lockdown and the apartment is not at all energy efficient. In winter, we need heat; in summer, we need to not bake in a 110 degree apartment. Default! But it's hard to try and explain that because we don't know the guy that well yet, and we don't have the sort of rapport that makes it comfortable to tell him this.

I Hate You for Hitting My Car
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