7 Steps to Getting Dressed in a Hurry ...

We all lead such hectic lives, ladies, that sometimes weโ€™re bound to run a little behind schedule. Getting dressed under pressure can be a total nightmare whether youโ€™re on your way to a function, to a date or simply to the office. Iโ€™ve thought long and hard girls, and come up with a foolproof 7 steps to getting dressed in a hurry that will help you put together a look in minutes without sacrificing style.

1. Quick Fixes

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Getting dressed in a hurry isnโ€™t just about clothes. There are so many other details involved in organising a successful look. Before you even arrive at your wardrobe doors, itโ€™s important that youโ€™re sparklingly clean and shower fresh. Trying to put together a hot look with dirty skin and greasy hair is just never going to work out, girls, so fly into the bathroom and wash at top speed.

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