7 Reasons Your Child Should Own a Pet ...


I think kids should be allowed to have a pet, even if it’s only one. I grew up with lots of animals in my life and tried to make sure my kids had the joy of owning pets of some kind too. I simply adore animals in general. Some animals do make better pets than others, so you’ll have to choose a pet that goes well with your child’s disposition. If you are a bit hesitant about getting your kid an animal to take care of, here are 7 reasons your child should own a pet.

7. Animals Are Excellent for Reducing Stress

Even kids can benefit from the therapeutic effects produced by animals. Having a pet can calm a hyper child, reduce stress in a nervous child, or simply help the kid relax after a hard day. Studies show that dogs and cats are able to help adults calm down and lower their blood pressure level. Who’s to say that kids can’t reap just as many therapeutic benefits from interacting with an animal?

An Appreciation for Nature Can Be Developed
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