7 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight ...


Losing weight is hard work, and just getting started and sticking to the plan takes a lot of motivation. So when you’ve stuck to it, keeping yourself on course, and you don’t lose weight, it’s horribly demotivating. It just doesn’t make sense. There are some diet problems which can cause you to retain that weight, though, and here are the 7 most common...

1. You Buy Bulk Food

You Buy Bulk Food

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I often look at my shopping, and add in some oranges and other healthy fruit because I know I should eat them. All this does is cost me money. They arrive, get put away, never get eaten and are thrown away. The way around this? To go to a market. Feel the oranges, choose your own vegetables. It’ll create an anticipation to eat the food, and you’ll be much more likely to use it in a meal, which means less snacking!

You Don’t Want Grains
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