7 Reasons to Love High-Waisted Skirts ...


Theyโ€™ve been back for a while and opinion is still divided. I personally adore the 21st century take on the high-waisted skirt, but I know there are girls out there convinced this look guarantees them a three-foot long butt. Ladies, itโ€™s not true! The classic higher waistline can be super versatile and flattering, and to prove it Iโ€™ve compiled a list of 7 reasons to fall in love with it โ€ฆ

1. Diver-skirt-y

The high-waisted skirt comes in a variety of designs from flirty and flared to no nonsense pencil cuts, sexy secretary style. Trust me girls, thereโ€™s one out there to suit you, and when you find it, youโ€™ll never want to take it off. Keep trying them on until you find that one magical skirt... then buy it in every colour.

The Silhouette
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