7 Reasons to Have Dr. House's Children ...

I love Hugh Laurie. I am guilty of being hopelessly in love with Dr. Gregory House as well -- you know, the fictional character played by Hugh Laurie. But, honestly, I don’t care that he doesn’t exist. Our love can still flourish. Not really, but all the same, I’ve compiled seven solid reasons I would still like to have Dr. House’s babies.

1. He’s Brilliant

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I love a smart man. House is, naturally, the smartest man alive, even when he’s wrong. Not only that, but he is clever, what with that knack he has of finding out the answer to all of the most threatening medical mysteries ever, when someone makes some seemingly innocuous comment. No, honestly, the formula for House could get really old, really fast, except that Hugh Laurie’s acting doesn’t let it go that way.

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