7 Reasons I Hate to Love Military Boys ...

I worked with the military under a contract, but that was after I was married, so I did not have guys in my mind. I even got married on a military base out by a beautiful lake. It was a restricted area, so everyone had to be on the guest list to get in, otherwise, they could not go to my wedding. So, it was a small wedding, which is exactly how I wanted it. Despite it all, when my husband spoke about joining the military, my heart stood still. I’ve always had respect for those in service, but I hate to love military boys. Why is that? Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons I hate to love military boys …

7. They Will Be Away a Lot

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I’m not sure if I could handle the one I love being gone a lot. I mean, I have had long distance relationships before that expanded to other countries, but it would be different if it were a husband. Them being gone a lot would be a reason I would hate to love military boys.

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