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7 Last-Minute Beauty Substitutions ...

By Jennifer

How many times have you hopped in the shower only to realize your sister or roomie used the last of the shave cream or facial scrub? It’s too late to run out and get more now, so you’ll have to make do… here are 7 last-minute beauty substitutions.

1 If You Run out of This: Shaving Cream

If You Run out of This: Shaving CreamPhoto Credit: Ankou

Use this: conditioner
First of all, you shouldn’t be using a foaming shaving cream, because the air bubbles that make the foam actually cause your razor to skip, which causes painful, awful-looking razor burn. Instead, you ought to be using a shaving lotion, which is actually a lot like the conditioner we use for our hair! If you run out of your shaving lotion, use a little conditioner instead.

2 If You Run out of This: anti-acne Facial Cleanser

Use this: toothpaste
A couple of years ago, I noticed that my normally acne-prone sister-in-law had the most gorgeous, glowing skin. I asked her what she had been using, and she blushed and admitted that for the past two weeks, she had been using her toothpaste instead of her normal facial scrub because she had run out. She put a pea-sized dab on her fingertips, then massaged it into her skin using a small circular motion. She said it works best if you use the kind with tiny polishing grains in it. I’ve never tried this trick, but her skin has never looked better!

3 If You Run out of This: Toothpaste

If You Run out of This: ToothpastePhoto Credit: SmileWarehouse

Use this: baking soda
When I was little, we couldn’t afford meat, much less luxuries like toothpaste, so we used baking soda. Simply apply baking soda to a damp toothbrush and brush as you normally would. Your breath won’t be as minty, but your mouth will feel fresh and clean. Perfect for replacing toothpaste in a pinch!

4 If You Run out of This: Facial Exfoliator

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Use this: warm washcloth
If you’re desperate for a facial or even a lip exfoliator, you can use a warm, clean washcloth instead. Simply wet your face, then scrub it with a warm washcloth using a small, circular motion on the skin you want to exfoliate. Scrub for 30 seconds, and rinse well. Your skin will feel tingly and soft!

5 If You Run out of This: Lip Balm

If You Run out of This: Lip BalmPhoto Credit: hukes

Use this: olive oil
If your lips are dry and chapped, but you can’t find your lip balm, rub them with a tin bit of olive oil. They’ll be soft and supple and totally kissable, especially if you exfoliate them with a warm washcloth first.

6 If You Run out of This: Body Wash

If You Run out of This: Body WashPhoto Credit: katieSTARSHINE

Use this: 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
This happens to me all the time — my stepdaughter has a habit of using the last of the body wash, then leaving the empty bottle in the shower. So I’ll grab the next best thing: two in one shampoo and conditioner. It cleans well, and leaves my skin soft!

7 If You Run out of This: Eyeliner

If You Run out of This: EyelinerPhoto Credit: ihave2muchmakeup

Use this: eye shadow
When I’ve run out of eyeliner or I just can’t find my sharpener, in a pinch I’ll use an eye shadow instead. I use a tin angled brush, wet the tip, then use the damp eye shadow along the lash line for a soft, subtle eyeliner look. It blends really well for a smoky eye look, too!

Those are my go-to replacements when I run out of my beauty supplies. I still haven’t found a good replacement for body lotion or eye cream… do you know of any? Which of these last-minute beauty replacements have you tried? Or is there another one you know of? Please share!

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