7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples ...

The first year with my significant other, I had a hard time convincing him to dress up together with me on Halloween. While I spent the first three decades of my life planning in devout secrecy my disguise every year – sometimes even hiring my mother to make my outfit by hand – he was completely apathetic of the whole celebration. But if my suggestion was easy (or let’s face it, gory), he was on board.

The following are seven creative ideas that just might make the man in your life suit up with you this year. Without all that fake blood. Although any costume can easily be zombie-fied, if necessary.

1. G.I. Joe & Barbie

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Because Ken & Barbie were just… boring, and as far as I’m concerned, Ken was a little too “pretty” for her. But G.I. Joe’s rough and tumble – dare I say, badass – persona has a nostalgic soft spot in most men’s hearts. This particular doll costume is reminiscent of the infamous shelf box, but playing Barbie can be as easy as throwing on a blonde wig and some pink heels.

Yes, it’s true – women will almost always choose the bad guy.

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