7 Great Online Shops for Older Women ...

Have you ever seen a woman who was just dressed way too young for her age? I used to work with a woman in her fifties that always borrowed clothes from her teenage daughter, and she just looked so… ridiculous… I was embarrassed for her! Now that I’m a little more “mature,” I’ve stopped doing most of my clothes shopping at little-kid stores, and now I buy most of them from grown-up shops, where the clothes are more flattering to me, and their accessories not quite as flashy… Here are 7 great online shops for “older” women, like me.

1. Chico’s

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Website: chicos.com
Wishlist Item: Fabulous Fringe Cardigan at chicos.com
I love Chico’s clothes and accessories! They’re top-quality, last forever, and are stylish and on trend without looking too young. They have everything, from tops and sweaters to workout gear, handbags, and sleepwear. Their site also offers live help if you have questions about an item or about sizing.

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