7 Fabulous Nautical Pieces ...

I love the nautical trend. Nothing makes me feel more Summery than sailor stripes, badges and wedges, and the trend is huge this season! From clothes to home decor, everything is nautical inspired, and I can’t wait to channel this trend into my wardrobe, and my home. I’ve been searching for the hottest pieces to buy, and here are my top 7 fabulous nautical pieces...

1. Vera Moda Nautical Cardigan

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Price: $33 at asos.com
This cardigan is perfect for adding a nautical edge to an existing outfit, and looks especially amazing over black skinny jeans and a cami. It looks great open and is warm enough to be worth wearing without being far too hot for Summer... I’ve dressed mine up with a glitzy anchor brooch and some high heels, it looks great!

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