5 Types of Acne - Which Type of Acne do You Have?


Did you know that there are different types of acne? Which type of acne do you have? If I give you a list of 5 types of acne, will you be able to determine which type you have been dealing with.

Acne is very frustrating and it can literally ruin someone’s social life. Many people have this problem, you are not the only one.

On AllWomenStalk, you can find some other blogs I have posted that will tell you how to get rid of acne and things you should not do. After you are done looking at this and posting your comment (please), I would like you to look at the other blog postings too as you might find helpful tips for your condition. But back to the types of acne:

5. Acne Fulminans

This type of acne can happen rapidly in young man. It is one of the common causes nesting behind severe scarring. Some of the symptoms of Acne Fulminans include a fever and aching joints. Pyoderma Faciale is the type of acne that normally affects the faces of adult females. It forms pustules and nodules that could cause scarring. (Don’t worry, because I was told that there is treatment available and it generally disappears within only one year.)

Acne Rosacea
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