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5 Most Interesting at the 2010 Grammy Awards...

By Meream

1 Taylor Swift Wins Album of the Year

Isn't she just adorable? It shows that this girl works hard and that she is perhaps one of the nicest in the industry today so this award is well-deserved.

2 Snooki Worked the Grammys

I wonder if she was any good. Was she? It's interesting that she was appointed MTV correspondent for this event.

3 Prince Michael and Paris Accepted Lifetime Achievement Award in Behalf of Their Dad

Check out this post to see a video. The kids sure sound that they are doing all right. Melts your heart.

4 Red Carpet Gold

Lady Gaga went all out, as per usual. We should really expect nothing less (or anything boring) from her. I'd have to say that my favorite was Jennifer Hudson in Victoria Beckham. (Now who said Victoria's dresses are only for super thin women?)

5 Beyonce Sets Grammy Record

She won six Grammys, a first in history. Looks like it was a great night for hardworking and strong women.

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