4 Celebrity Blog Posts That Will Have You Seeing Double ...

Well, I'm not talking about seeing double because you knocked a few cans of beer or you hit your head on the doorframe or this little post will turn into an optical illusion. I am talking about celebrity couples or pairs. Some pairs hold news that will make you swoon, others have more tragic fate. One pair, however, is simply for eye candy. Enjoy these great celebrity blog posts!

1. Avril Says See Ya L8r Boi to Husband

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Avril has reportedly dumped husband of 3 years, Deryck Whibley. According to Us Weekly, Avril wants nothing but to move on at this point. I guess the partying sans the husband is a clear indication of that. While it's sad to see a marriage end, let's hope that they really do move on. And let this be a lesson to those celebrities out there who thinks marrying young is cool.

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