17 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Europe ...

Ah Europe! I'm pretty sure everyone wants to visit Europe at least once in their lifetime and you should too considering how full of beauty, magic and wonder it is. Add to that some of the world's most extraordinary landscapes, people and experiences! But with the plethora of options, which places should you travel to while you're there. Well, here's a list of the Most Amazing Places to Visit in Europe! You can thank us later. For now, enjoy these gorgeous, most amazing places to visit in Europe.

1. The Italian Riviera ...

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Wow, this is such a beautiful place. The Cinque Terre is a gorgeous national park, which connects five quaint villages. Walking routes connect the villages and follow the coastline and offer hikes through gorgeous hills. The villages remain unaffected by tourism, but still boast of amazing Italian restaurants and hotels. They are also within easy reach of Pisa, Tuscany and Genoa. I cannot wait to visit here. Italians are so friendly, and the scenery looks divine! Here are some other places to visit in Italy.

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