14 Fabulous Looks from Cannes ...

I am so going to miss my daily dose of the Cannes Film Festival. All the movies, the stars and most of all the spectacular red carpet fashion! As a befitting ode to all the visual extravagance, I bring to you some of my favorite looks from Cannes this year. 11 women, 14 fabulous looks! Sit back and enjoy and I warn you, you might die a little inside of jealousy...

1. Eva Longoria at the 'Robin Hood' Premiere

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Honestly, I'm not an Eva fan but when I saw her wearing this (what can only be described as) ethereal Emilio Pucci silk chiffon gown, I had to give her credit. Imagine, what it would be like to get married in one of these. Sigh! The only thing I would change if at all are those coral earrings.

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