12 Easy Ways to Not Put Weight during Holidays ...


It's holiday time and it's fun time! Eating, sleeping, playing, partying - we have lots of things to do. But unfortunately, every holiday season brings not only joy, but extra pounds too, and we so don't need them, do we?

So, in order to shed off a couple of pounds, or at least not to put on any new ones, all we need to do is to use a couple of tips listed below. They are the 13 simple ways I usually use to keep my weight under control and I am sure they will work for you too during this Holiday season:

1. Keep Exercising

Foods rich in calories may attract you more. And you can definitely eat them (I know I would), provided we keep doing our work outs. I know it's a holiday, but you can still go for a run or do the crunches in the bedroom. Exercise is one of the old tried ways that keeps us fit and it won't fail us during the holiday season!

Try to Eat Healthy Stuff
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