10 Sweet Mother's Day Gifts ...

Ah, Mother's Day, the one day a year dedicted to showing your mum just how much you appreciate everything she's ever done, and continues to do, for you! You've found the perfect card from Kati's list, but now what about a gift? It must be thoughtful, sweet, fabulous, and of course, better than what your sister gets her! Not sure what to get? Here's my list of a few things your mum is bound to love this Mother's Day...

1. "My Mother, My Friend" Necklace

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Price: $59.95 at gifts.redenvelope.com
When I was a surly, wretched teenager, I was nearly allergic to my mother, and now, she's my best friend. Her tastes are understated, elegant, and simple, so this necklace would be an ideal gift. She's so much more than just my mom... and this is such a great way to let her know on Mother's Day!

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