10 Facts about Alcohol That You Need to Know ...

I decided that it is time to write a blog on alcohol. You always need to think before you drink and if you are underage, then you have no business even drinking in the first place. Sorry to sound so blunt, but that rule is there for a reason. So many people die from drunk driving and so many families are ruined from alcoholic parents, so now, it is time to come out with the truth and look at 10 facts about alcohol that you need to know…

10. Alcohol Can Cause Not Only Short-term Effects, but Long-term Effects as Well

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Photo Credit: Ben Heine

If you drink so much to the point that you are an alcoholic and cannot do without β€œa cold one” in your hand, then you will see those effects taking place soon. Your liver will have problems because you drink so much and you will also cause problems for those people who are around you – most of which you love very much.

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