Win a $35000 Smile Makeover from ...


Who doesn't want a set of sparkly white teeth that shine and bedazzle?

I know I do!

But let's face it, mortals like us cannot afford the often expensive dental treatment options.

What if I told you that you now had an opportunity to win a total smile makeover thanks to!

As the winner, you could get an Ultimate Dental Health Makeover worth up to $35,000!

Excited already?

Read on to know more...

1. Who Runs the Contest?

The Smile Makeover contest is being run by "Dear Doctor - Dentistry &

Oral Health" magazine, a quarterly magazine written by dental health care professionals in simple, uncomplicated, "non-medical" language for the general public.

Essentially, the magazine opens the lines of communication between patients and dental professionals by providing patients with the necessary education to make confident, informed healthcare decisions.

Smile Makeover - or the Ultimate Dental Health Makeover Contest - has been on for quite some time and already has one winner who walked off with $33,000 worth of dental work. It doesn’t matter if all you need are crowns, implants, veneers, orthodontics, periodontics etc. or if you need a total smile makeover, if you win, Dear Doctor will provide the dental work!

How Does Smile Makeover Contest Work?
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