Top 20 Fashion Trends for Summer ...

With so many Fashion Trends appearing in all of our favorite shops, it can be a little confusing to figure out which of these fabulous fashion trends to add to your wardrobe, and how.

You know coral is a hot color, but how to wear it?

And is layering still okay?

After scouring video of the trendiest catwalks across the globe, I’ve compiled this primer, a go-to list of the Top 20 Fashion Trends for Summer, along with ideas on how to wear them.

#Print it, hang it in your dressing room, and get ready to wow with this ultimate list of Top 20 Fashion Trends of this season!


1. A Blast of Bright Color - One of This Season's Most Favorite Fashion Trends

A Blast of Bright Color - One of This Season's Most Favorite Fashion Trends

Best of This Fashion Trend: An off-the-shoulder blouse in coral, or #hot pink, or azur blue or any other bright color that's equally fabulous.

Whether you prefer coral or turquoise, this summer, the pastels have taken a second row, replaced by look-at-me brights, marvelous for mixing with other hot summer #fashion trends of 2011: bright white and color-blocking!

All over catwalks and store shelves, these vivid hues are gracing everything from belts and blouses to skirts and shoes, so it’s easy to add this hot #trend to your wardrobe!

And don't be afraid to mix these bold colors, you'll be surprised at how well bright green works with hot pink and purple and how #coral looks fantastic with golden hues and bright blues.

Think Gucci ads for Spring-Summer 2011 and you will do no wrong.