MTV Movie Awards - at Least the Opening Was Funny


Sarah Silverman was the host of the big bash, who made a great point that MTV's appreciation of movies is kind of random.

But her opening was the best.

Aside from calling Tobey Maguire a vagina, I especially liked the bit where she slammed Paris Hilton.

It went a little something like that this: "In a couple of days, Paris Hilton is going to jail," and the crowd went nuts - flash to Paris almost starting to cry.

"The judge says that it's going to be a no-frills thing and that is ridiculous.

She is totally going to get special treatment.

As a matter of fact, I heard that to make her feel more comfortable in prison, the guards are going to paint the bars to look like penises.

I think it's wrong, too.

I just worry that she's going to break her teeth on those things." Paris was not happy, but tried to flash a little smile - one can only have so much humor about an impending jail situation.2

Otherwise, there were a few highlights here and there during the MTV Movie Awards, but overall I'd give it a just okay.

At one point Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell rolled around on stage kissing for a bit - I got a giggle out of that.

I'm a sucker for low-brow humor, what can I say.2

Source: MTV Movie Awards

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