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Pop Nosh 'the View' Now Rosie Free ...

By popbytes

(my apologies for this edition of 'pop nosh' being a little late...i'm so glad it's friday night - i'm totally going to go and relax by playing my wii - i'm still working on super paper mario which rocks!)

it's official - rosie o'donnell will never grace the view's couch again! (now watch ratings drop!)

maybe rosie is leaving sooner than we thought because of that whole elisabeth 'moustache' caper...

two of my favorite music ladies got their duet on! debbie harry & lily allen did the today show...

it looks like love is in full blossom between justin timberlake & jessica biel - but for how long?

there's a scandal brewing with paula abdul! it sounds like her dog tulip didn't trip her at all...

britney spears took a three hour tour - in a bikini over in marina del rey! she looks pretty cute!

the oceans 13 cast took to the red carpet over at the cannes film festival (angie glows in yellow)

we might have had a really adorable picture of brad & angelina kissing but someone got in the way!

what do you think about the kurt cobain doc marten shoes ad? it's not offensive - just poor taste!

here's a look at sarah jessica parker's new cloting line bitten! sometimes i miss carrie bradshaw!

heidi klum named her boobs - one is hans - the other franz! i wonder if seals calls 'em by name?!?

damn! this is the biggest waste of money that i've ever heard about - would you pay jacko to show?

beyonce and her man jay-z were over in monaco - i wonder if they had a serious chat about rihanna?

jessica simpson continues to be a ditz! she was following leonardo dicaprio around like a lost pup

then jessica decided to share her latest thoughts about her 'fears' and 'feelings' on her website!

check out hilary duff lookin' cute in purple! i kinda like her new album - a total guilty pleasure

yesterday we had stills of lindsay lohan stripping and today our drunken stepfather has the video!

jennifer aniston is still swirling in a sea of adoption rumors - she would make an incredible mom!

kelly preston bikini pictures - no sight of john travolta though who is all busy with hairspray...

oh my word!! is this really true?!? can boars grow to a weight of 1051 pounds - that's so insane!!
BONUS LINK here's rosie o'donnell doing her best amy winehouse impression...

the white stripes icky thump**what the buck?** he's happy idol is over!

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