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Oh That David Duchovny

By popbytes

ok seriously i've gone from being a total HBO whore to a showtime whore! (once HBO canned valerie cherish it was all downhill - i'm still not over it!) currently i'm watching meadowlands which is great - i'm also watching big brother after dark (last night amber admitted she had been addicted to speed for like a year!) there's also a few shows coming up that i can't wait for...on august 13th we've got a huge double whammy - the 3rd season of weeds kicks off (i have some pics of cast newcomer mary-kate olsen which i'll be posting soon...) along with the series premiere of californication starring hottie david duchovny - plus the 2nd season of dexter will kick off in september! (and let's not forget about the tudors!) below are some pics of mr. duchovny answering questions during the show's TCA tour - gosh he's so freakin' adorable - his wife tea leoni is one lucky lady! (props to her for holding onto him) i hope his new series is as good & sassy as it looks - there's also a new preview posted below! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS plus david leaked info on the new x-files movie starring himself along with gillian anderson - it may be a little too late but i'm for sure up seeing what's going on with agents mulder & scully!


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