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Jay-Z is a Good Boy

By JPMontoyaGirl

photo credit: Getty Images

London's Daily Mirror is reporting that rapper Jay-Z had two loved-up stalkers thrown out of his VIP enclosure.

Beyonce was busy at a Caribbean-themed party in London while Jay-Z was in Cannes.

But there was no danger when two busty opportunists made a beeline for him at an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana party. They snuck under his velvet rope and started making themselves at home in the VIP section.

A source reports the pair then teased Jay-Z. "They used the cheesiest chat-up lines. One said, 'Jay-Z you can sit under my umbrella anytime'. The other joked, 'But what if it has a hole in it? Don't worry, we can still snuggle up and keep each other warm.'" Jay, 37, was polite at first, but after a few minutes of their pathetic flirting, he lost his patience. He let out a very loud nervous laugh - and his personal bouncers took the hint. The two girls were then immediately bundled out of the VIP enclosure. Says our insider: "Even Jay-Z was shocked at how fast it all happened. He yelled: 'Wait, you forgot your drinks.'" "But they were long gone by then, probably looking for someone else to harass."

Maybe they can find Akon, he's always looking for someone on which he can simulate sex/rape.

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