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Nicole and Cars - Don't Mix

By Consuela

Nicole Richie has had some pretty bad luck with cars. (Some call it bad luck, others might say it's just an operator issue, in that Ms. Richie doesn't know how to drive.) In the last few months, Nicole has driven backwards on the freeway (which lead to a DUI) and had a fender bender. Even when other people drive her car, trouble follows. Now, she was spotted having a bit of car trouble, in a car that, this time, was not hers. Nicole was driving Joel Madden's BMW to get her hair done when she managed to overheat the car. That's a tricky thing to pull off - I'm guessing a car that retails for at least $70,000 doesn't just spontaneously combust. Even worse for Nicole, while she was in the salon, she got a parking ticket for leaving the recovering car in a loading zone. You have the cash, Nicole - perhaps you should consider hiring a driver. (The same thought extends to all celebrities who get a DUI - it's ok to pay someone else to drive you home at that point. Some people call them "taxies" - Nicole probably calls them limos.)

Source: TMZ
Photo: TMZ via JFX Images

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