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Linda Perry amp Courtney Love - the Review

By popbytes

hey hey! oh my word i was super tired today - my ears are still ringing a bit and oh yes i've got a slight headache but last night was totally worth it! before i headed over to the show i stopped by world of wonder's party in honor james st. james' new fabulous book freak show (which is garnering glowing reviews!) i finally got to meet james in person who seems like the sweetest person and was playing the part of a gracious host perfectly! i also meet a few cool people - special shout-outs to liz, rachel, alex, & lenora! i had about two bites of a tommy burger (rachel made me try the chili - yummy!) before i had to go home and get ready and make my way over to the house of blues down on sunset blvd...

i arrived around 10:30pm - right as i was finding my spot i ran into my pal audra from work who was there with her sister along with both of their guys - so nice to see a familiar face (i hate going to things alone but i wasn't going to pass on this night!) i'd say that linda perry started about 11:15ish - right off the bat i was like holy fucking crap - she's amazing! i couldn't believe how she just rocked out and did her thing - you can tell she's the real deal! what musician wouldn't want to work with her?!? she's supremely talented and an incredible songwriter/producer! linda looked adorable with a pair of headphones on - telling us since she's always in the studio and they were her security blanket! after playing a few songs ms. perry joked around that she had discovered a 'new talent' and wanted to bring her out to play a few numbers...

that is when courtney love took to the stage...with a mixed reaction from the crowd - either you love her or you hate her - i really don't think an 'in between state' exists when it comes to ms. love (she even joked that the crowd seemed to be split over her!) as you all know i simply worship her plus she's the inspiration behind my one lone tattoo - the flaming heart symbol from 'celebrity skin' (which i proudly displayed for james st james earlier in the evening) courtney looked great - a little on the skinny side but nothing to be concerned about - i did notice that she seemed a bit self-conscious about her stomach (pulling her shirt down) which looked ok to me - she played four songs off her upcoming new album nobody's daughter - although sadly there's no definite release date! i thought she sounded great and i was thrilled to see her sing live again (the last time i saw her play was may 19th '98 in NYC) i thought all the songs were great (plus she had the help of linda!) i especially liked her last song called 'letter to god' which was amazing and could be hit if she can find someone to release it! below is courtney's setlist...

nobody's daughter
sunset marquis
pacific coast highway
letter to god

she didn't appear to be intoxicated in any manner but she still managed to keep up her messy vibe - knocking over a mic stand - demanding a cigarette (which she called a fag) she thrashed around a bit - a few flips of her head tossing around her blonde locks and even reaching out a bit to the audience - she hasn't lost a drop of her stage skills - i was in heaven! although i had some fat bitch behind me who was so drunk and way annoying - she kept trying to push her way past me but i totally stood my ground - she was about to get a swift kick from me if she didn't calm down! after ms. love was done - i was disappointed to see the crowd thin out a bit - which was really a shame for them - ms. perry knocked out a bunch more songs including the hit beautiful which she penned for christina aguilera and a few covers including maybe i'm amazed and a few led zeppelin tracks which blew me away! by that point i rejoined my pal audra and we totally rocked out - i was sweating profusely - hands up all around - it was just such a great show - i was so happy that i made the effort to get down there! make sure to check out what NME had to say about the show...

too bad linda doesn't play more live shows - she said that about every two year she like to play and get her 'ya-yas' out - and damn that's exactly what she did! by the time the show ended around 1:15 - i had almost forgotten that courtney had played - she was great too but linda perry was the star last night and deservedly so - right before ms. love left the stage she did say that what linda was about to play would blow our minds - and she was 100% correct! let's not forget though that courtney doesn't have the best reputation for being the 'nicest' person around - you have to read sham ibrahim's terrible experience after the show - i would have been devastated too! as much as i'd love to meet her - if i didn't go down like i envision - i'd be upset too! anyways i just wrote a really long post and i'm so beat and tomorrow i've got a big day ahead of me - it might be cool - it might not - either way i'll be sure to fill you all in! popbytes over & out for tonight - xxoo! ( right now i'm going to finally watch casino royale on DVD - see how far behind i am on movies?!?)

PS many thanks to **slippy** for allowing me to use his pics - i tried to sneak my camera in but i had to toss it back in the car and my blackberry doesn't have a camera! i might be adding in more pics so check back if your interested...

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