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Fabulously Rich and Famous Justin Timberlake

By Terry

Born: January 31, 1981
Estimated Net Worth: $46 million dollars

Welcome to the world of Justin Timberlake and his pop star paradise: a world of adoring fans, celebrity girlfriends, and endless parties in the hottest clubs throughout the world.

The A-list clubs in LA, Vegas, Miami, New York and London is where Justin hangs his designer hats. From 1,000 bottles of Cristal parties costing over $400,000 at the Rex Club in London to briefcases full of $100 bills for lap dances at the Palms in Vegas Justin knows how to have fun. Due to his rigorous recording, touring and partying Justin also needs some serious R&R. For America’s favorite pop star getting away from it all means heading off with his celebrity girlfriend of the moment to some of the most exclusive retreats around the globe. This could mean booking a luxury suite with old flame Britney at the famous Intercontinental Hotel in Rio a few years back, or hitting the surf with $20 million dollar babe Cameron Diaz in Waikiki this past summer. Justin and Cameron’s $20,000 per week get-a-way caused the gossip trades to go into overdrive.

From Mickey Mouse ears to diamond earrings, Justin Timberlake has transformed from just one of the boys n’ the band into today’s hottest singing sensation. JT’s album sales, tour receipts, and celebrity endorsements has put his bottom line at the very top of today’s young celebrities. We’ll tell you how Justin’s made his $46 million and how he’s on his way to making much much more.

(Source: VH1)

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