7 Fabulous Blogs on Vintage Style ...


Fabulous Blogs on Vintage Style transport you to a different era.

These are blogs with the most creative, stylish, and lucky owners.

Lucky because they get to find amazing vintage pieces to wear.

There are many bloggers out there who rock the vintage look but the following are the most fabulous blogs on vintage style.

I'm sure you will agree with me.

Let's check out these fabulous blogs on vintage style and be inspired, shall we?

1. Vixen Vintage

Vixen Vintage

I consider this one of the most fabulous blogs on vintage style because, well...

Solanah is indubitably fab.

She finds the most amazing dresses to wear and style.

She looks lovely in her bangs + curly hair 'do, too.

Make sure that you check out her blog for vintage style inspiration and for her wonderful tutorials.

Oh, she loves cats, too, so that makes her an all-around lovely lady in my book.2

2. Diary of a Vintage Girl

Diary of a Vintage Girl

Her own words: I've been asked dozens of times over the last few years about how I got into vintage, and my answer is always the same.

As someone who strove to be 'different', as much as one can be when hanging around with like-minded friends who all have the same tastes (because when you belong to a style 'tribe' you can never be wholly different), vintage is the perfect retirement plan.

Isn't that brilliant?

Make sure that you bookmark her blog now because it will change your outlook in fashion.

3. Liebemarlene Vintage

Liebemarlene Vintage

This is most definitely one of the fabulous blogs on vintage style these days.

Its owner is Rhiannon and she is just a sweetheart of a girl.

And yes, she has an amazing sense of style.

There are many things to love about this girl and her blog.

For one, she has an online shop with delightful vintage merchandise.

She also takes us to beautiful parts of Georgia (and other places) via her outfit posts.

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