8 Gorgeous Older Male Celebs ...

You can keep your pretty boys - I’ve always thought that older men have that edge that makes them so much more fanciable.

Many just get better and better with maturity (I loathe the word age).

I must say, I’ve never got the Brad Pitt thing, but these eight handsome devils are welcome to give me a call anytime …

1. George Clooney Has to Be Number One

George Clooney Has to Be Number One

Proof that men look great with grey #hair, he is even better looking than in his early days on ER.

Mr Clooney may be nearly 50, but he’ll always be Gorgeous George to me.

I think I’ll still be drooling ovr him whe he’s 90 (well, I won’t be far behind).

Photo Credit: Pulicciano