8 Adorable Key Caps ...


Let’s face it.

Keys are boring, except for the cool antique ones, and does anyone still use those?

So spice up your car keys and house keys with some key caps!

There are so many to choose from, in so many different styles, they’ll make you keys more fun than you ever thought possible.

So skip the key chains and try some of these instead.

Here are 8 adorable key caps.

1. Hello Noms Key Cap

Hello Noms Key Cap

Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com

The ever-stylish red-bowed Hello Kitty wants to share her veggie burger with you.

She also wants to mark your key to your mom’s place so it looks distinctly different from your apartment key.

She’s made of sturdy rubber with a metal chain.

And isn’t she adorable?

2. Mr. Mustachio Key Cap

Mr. Mustachio Key Cap

Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com

Wouldn’t this be the best key cap for distinguishing your boyfriend’s apartment key from the rest of the keys you have?

It’s a smiley little moustache, with bright blue trim, made of rubber with a four-inch metal chain.

3. Never Forget Which Key Cap

Never Forget Which Key Cap

Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com

Is it true what they say, that elephants never forget?

Put that theory to the test with this bow-tie wearing pachyderm key cap from Loungefly.

Let him help you recall which is the key to your office, won’t you?

He’s small but powerful, and awfully cute.3

4. Hello Kutie Key Cap

Hello Kutie Key Cap

Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com

Hello Kitty’s little red bow is a fashion icon, often imitated but never duplicated, though who could blame anyone for trying?

This key cap features Miss Kitty herself, perched atop a big red bow, for a change.

Let her adorn the key to your car, since she’s a little too big to use for your house key.

5. Hello Kitty Studious Key Cap

Hello Kitty Studious Key Cap

Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com

The third Hello Kitty key cap in my list is just as cute as the first two, with the same red bow, this time dressed in her nerdy best.

I love her taped-up glasses and her sweet little whiskers.

Wouldn’t she be perfect for holding the keys to the study room at school, or the accounting department at the office?

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