7 Worst First Date Ideas ...


1. Sports


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A lot of places tell you that doing some type of sport you both like is a great idea.


A lot of people -- okay, especially the guys -- tend to get pretty competitive about sports, even something as innocuous as bowling.2

Can you imagine beating a guy you like at tennis and never hearing from him again?

Or he might feel compelled to let you win, and you might decide you’d rather wash your hair than have a second date.

2. The Dinner/Movie Scenario

This is a classic bad idea for a first date.

Dinner’s not so bad, but basically you just start getting to know each other, and then you have to go spend two hours in silence.

It can really put a dampener on any rapport you might have been building up with each other.

Try dinner and something else, something that lets you talk.

3. One Sided Dates

Doing something you don’t know how to do with someone who’s an expert isn’t really fun for anyone.2

This goes for guys and girls.

Don’t, for example, take your date roller skating to show off how you can skate backwards if he or she can’t even stay upright.

4. Going All out

Going All out

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When you go on a date, you may want to do everything you possibly can and plan all sorts of things.2

However, don’t overwhelm your date.

You two don’t know each other yet.

Going all love poems and champagne might come off as a little strange.

You’re much better off being yourself.

Remember, you don’t want to scare off your date.

Both guys and girls can do this, and it’s better all the way around if you just be yourself and stay casual.

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