7 Signs of a True Friendship ...


I’ve written a lot of posts about foes and, since those people don’t really deserve to be talked about anymore, this post is going to be about the ones who should be mentioned and praised every day – real friends!

They are out there and I’m sure each and every one of you has at least one.

However, these aforementioned foes often distract us, making it hard for us to see who our real friends are.2

So, if you need to be sure that your friendship is real, make sure your friend is…

1. Happy for You

If you are successful, happily married (or in love) and can afford to buy whatever you please, you can count on a lot of jealous, hateful comments coming from people who used to be all nice and sweet.

However, only a true friend will be truly happy and interested to know more about your successes and share those happy moments.

A true friendship is the one where friends keep their fingers crossed for each other and do whatever they can to contribute to the positive outcome.

Not Competitive
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