7 Reasons Your Dog Won't Eat ...


It’s often hard to understand what is wrong with your dog, especially when food is refused.

Most dogs won’t turn their nose up at the sight of food, any type.

There are some instances when dogs just won’t eat.2

Below I’ve listed 7 reasons your dog won’t eat.

I hope these are useful if you currently have a canine friend who doesn’t want to clean up his bowl during meal times.

Feel free to pass this list on to friends who might also have something similar going on in their household.

7. The Weather

The Weather

Photo Credit: rollinoldman

When it’s hot outside, no one in my household is too excited about the idea of food.

In the summer time, my dog will look at her bowl full of food and I swear I’ve heard her groan.

When I give her food in the evening, it will sometimes still be there in the morning.

It’s much cooler in the morning time and she’s had all night to cool down, so she will usually eat her food then.

Some dogs will eat as soon as they get cooled off.

Dogs who like water can be cooled down with a small wading pool.

Mine greatly dislikes water, but she does enjoy lying under the front porch in an area that I sprayed with the hose.

6. Ate Something He Shouldn’t Have

Ate Something He Shouldn’t Have

Photo Credit: Dan65

I’m sure everyone has had at least one dog who was always finding something to eat that wasn’t necessarily edible.

This can definitely cause an upset stomach to occur.

The only thing you can really do is wait, unless it seems like your dog is utterly miserable.2

There was one time when my dog ate a tennis ball.

It was chewed up into small pieces, but it was still extremely hard on his innards.

I had to take him to the vet and get the contents removed.

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