7 Reasons to Play Sports ...


I played sports all through school, beginning in fourth grade.

I found it to be very rewarding and I always felt better after practice or a competition.

I’ve made a list below of 7 reasons to play sports.

If you’ve ever been involved with sports, then you might be familiar with a few of these.

Feel free to add your own reasons for playing sports, if you have any to share.

7. To Have Fun

I always had a blast playing ball with my friends.

We would pay attention when necessary, but we always ended up laughing towards the end of practice.

Even tension during game time was eased by cracking a few jokes with one another.2

Sports are supposed to be competitive, but they are also supposed to be enjoyable.

6. To Learn How to Multitask

When I played volleyball, basketball, and ran track in high school, I had to learn to juggle sports with school work and a part time job.

Playing sports definitely taught me how to multi-task.

I had to be able to take care of all aspects of my life and make them work together.

I think this has helped me become the organized person I am today.3

5. To Improve Coordination Skills

Most sports usually involve some sort of hand-eye coordination.

Basketball teaches people how to run while looking forward and dribbling a ball as well.

Volleyball is often about timing the ball and hitting it with precision.

These are just a couple of sports that require one to be coordinated when playing.

4. To Gain a Feeling of Accomplishment

It was always such an amazing feeling when I’d be able to notice my personal improvement as well as my teams when comparing the beginning of the season with the end.2

Winning a basketball or volleyball game or placing high enough to earn a medal in track always made me feel like my hard work finally paid off.

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