7 Great Scarlett Johansson Roles ...


I’ve loved Scarlett Johansson for years, and I think she’s a very talented, beautiful actress.

A lot of new fans may think she’s just getting her career off the ground, but she’s been around Hollywood for ages, and has been in some great films!

Here are some of my favorite Scarlett Johansson roles…

1. Natasha Romanoff in “Iron Man 2”

Natasha Romanoff in “Iron Man 2”

Whether you like it or not, “Iron Man 2” is sure to be the movie to see at the beginning of this summer.

I’ve seen it, and while I don’t want to ruin the plot, let me just tell you this — Scarlett Johansson kicks butt!

She looks amazing, tough and sexy and gorgeous… I wonder how long she had to train to do the stunts and fight scenes in this movie?2

And where oh where does she shop?

Francesca Curtis in “the Perfect Score”
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