7 Different Kinds of Love ...


When people talk of love, they often use it purely in the sense of love between a couple.

Yet there are many forms of love that enrich our lives, some of which we barely notice.

So it’s time to look around you and realize just how much you have in your life.

1. Partners


Photo Credit: eyebex As I’ve said, this is the obvious one, and arguably the most intense.

When you love a partner, it goes through many changes, beginning with the honeymoon stage and with luck (and a lot of work) evolving into long-term security.

And it’s not just for the young!

Doesn’t your heart lift when you see an elderly couple holding hands?2

2. Children


Photo Credit: nascity What parent doesn’t feel a fierce, protective love for their children?

They need you even when they’re adults, and having a chubby pair of arms flung around your neck just makes you feel so happy.2

3. Family


Photo Credit: camera_rwanda Sadly, not all siblings can get along, but when you truly love each other it’s an incredibly rewarding relationship.

My sisters and I would always be there for each other if one of us was in need.

I really can’t imagine a world without them.

4. Friends


Photo Credit: Russ Beinder In this age of instant ‘friendship’ on the internet, true friends seem hard to find.

Yet they are out there.

If you have friends who love and accept you for who you are, who never criticize or judge and always support you when you need it, they are to be cherished.2

5. Pets


Photo Credit: melting dolls If there’s one thing that infuriates me, it’s hearing the phrase ‘it’s only an animal’.

Oh no it isn’t.

Letting an animal into your heart is amazing, they give you years of companionship and are worth every penny and every moment.

My cat is one of the best things in my life.

Just a cat?

I think not.

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