17 Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey ...


So you got too close in the heat of the moment, and now you’ve got a big hickey that you can’t seem to cover...

well, hickeys can take a while to heal, because they are caused by the blood vessels close to the skin breaking, and the blood escaping to cause a bright red mark.

Fear not, though!

Here are my top ten ways to get rid of a hickey!

1. Ice


This works best if you do it as soon as the hickey has been made, but will work up to a few hours later.

The ice will freeze the blood vessels, preventing blood from rushing into your hickey, and minimizing the mark.

2. Massage


Stimulating the area will cause the blood to disperse, and take most of the color out of the hickey.

The outline may remain, though, depending on how severe it is!2

Do a few five minute sessions of gently rubbing and massaging the area, and it should begin to disappear.

3. Use a Comb to Rub the Area

Use a Comb to Rub the Area

Similar to massage, this works because it disperses blood.

The ‘fingers’ of the comb will force blood back into the vessels, though, and teamed with massage this can completely remove the hickey.

Be careful not to break your skin, though!

4. Press and Twist

Press and Twist

Find an object that is tubular, with a domed end, such as a lipstick cap.

Apply this to the hickey with moderate pressure, and twist.

This will hurt, but will force blood back under the skin and make the hickey much less obvious.2

5. Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Find some Vitamin K liquid or cream, often found in Chemists, and rub it into the area several times a day.

This is a slower method, but will help you naturally get rid of that hickey.

6. Tea Bag

Tea Bag

Use a moist, used tea bag as a warm compressor, repeating as often as necessary until the hickey disappears.2

Make sure you are wearing an old t-shirt, though, as the tea might drip or leak onto it.2

Frozen Spoon
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