Your Perfect Swimming Suit ...


Your Perfect Swimming Suit ...
Your Perfect Swimming Suit ...

It's not quite summer yet, but all the department store reminds you that summer is not very far away. Perhapses it's time to think about some very seasonal single pieces like, the swimming suit.

It's never a problem for those fashion addicts who is tall and slim. However, 99% of us are not in that category so we have to find the solution before we dare to show it off. Luckly, there is solution for every body type.

Before we go to the detail, you need to adjust your mind set...
It's not that you don't have shape. You are just too afraid to show it off.
Models and "miss xxxx" look great, because not only they have makeup on their face, they have makeup on their body too.

Keep in mind that someone on your magazine cover probably do more excise then you, daily. Plus, they don't have near as much food pleasure as you do.

Should we start?
Few more FAQs first...
What color should I pick?
Solid bold color is always safer than complicated pattern. Little detail might be applied to your favorite part of the body.
One piece or two pieces?
One piece is probably safer than two pieces. However, if you play the card right, two pieces could be much better than the boring one piece.
Built in bra or not?
Personally, I like to have one. It helps support your breasts and most of the time, make your breast look better. esp. for people who is in "the A group" like us.
Tailer make or ?
I'd buy a cheap one if I am only going to beach couple times during the entire summer. If you are a beach addict or live right next to it... I understand that you want everything to be perfect.

Find the one that suits you...

Apple-shaped women
I'd try two-piece bikinis or tankinis with a solid color top and a patterned bottom. This set(Target, $13.99/EA ) is not a options either. Notice how it covers up and balance out the body? Anyone can be pretty!

Pear-shaped women
That's me. (I am more chunky at the bottom though.) Most of my swim wears are one piece with little detail on the waist which creates the illusion. I have Bikini too which usually go with a pair of lazy pants or a little cute skirt.

Small bust
Pattern pattern more pattern. Also invite different textures. It could help detract attention away from your bust line.

And yes, the best way to make yourself look better is keep yourself healthy. We don't suggest you lose too much weight just so you can fit into the great look swimming suit you bought last season but you have to maintain a good lifestyle that not only make you look better, but feel better too!

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