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Sasha's Roxy Bikini ...

By Sasha

Photos by Yuga

It’s a one year and a few month-old bikini. I bought it back in 2005 in a local surf/beach wear shop (gawd. I forget the name of the shop!) in Rundle Mall in Adelaide. One of the things I knew I had to buy before I head back home (I was heading back to Manila for the holidays then).

I had contemplated on buying a Black Billabong one but when I asked a guy to pick one, he opted for the brown Roxy. Sales pitch? (Yea, the Roxy is more expensive!) Nah. I wasn’t really keen on the black colour. I only wanted to have a Billabong bikini. Full stop. Heh. However, it was the over-all look that won out in the end.

I love that bit that you can remove the rope thingie, the one that goes around my neck, which gives it a halter look and go — Egad. — strapless. Hehe. It comes with a second rope that you can use with the standard brown one or alone, which gives the bikini a new look, er, sort of. Well, you know what I mean.

This bikini has hit the sands and surf of **Maslin Beach** (yes, the nude beach BUT I didn’t see any! ) in South Australia, **Boracay** and **Puerto Galera** in the Philippines. Yea. It’s a definite favourite. Hehe.

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