What Really Matters ...


What Really Matters ...
What Really Matters ...

I just ran across this touching story from another wedding blogger and I had to share it because it really illustrates what's important when it comes to weddings.

FataFelice was on her way to having the big wedding that most of us have been dreaming about. She was having a castle wedding, with the most adorable letterpress invitations and a beautiful gown that was handmade by a top New York dress designer. Naturally, she'd been planning for months.

This dream slipped away, however, when a week before her wedding her Fiance's mother had a heart attack and died. Needless to say their wedding was immediately postponed. What should have been a busy wedding week was now replaced with funeral preparations. Fiance's mother was well loved and the funeral was huge. Finally, on the Wednesday before they were to be married Fiance's mother was laid to rest.

I can only imagine the emotions that both of them were feeling. Sadness, loss, disappointment, and more then anything just wanting to be married. So on the Thursday before they were supposed to be married they decided that they did indeed JUST WANT TO BE MARRIED. And they decided they WOULD be married and that they would be married on the same date that they had been planning on for the last year.

No, it wasn't going to be the dream wedding they had put all their efforts into for the last year. There would be no castle, no letterpress invitations, no designer gown. They had 48 hours to make a wedding happen and there wasn't going to be time for all that. To make a Saturday wedding happen in two days they leaned on friends and family for help.

One family friend was a florist, a neighbor was a sports photographer, another family friend had a catering business, a family member was a pastor, etc. etc. Throw in a trip to Marshalls and the outlet malls for a wedding dress and groom's attire and in two days they had a BEAUTIFUL wedding.

It was a simple wedding with only a few family and friends but I think she just looked so pretty. Pictures are below. Her dress was very flattering, her hair was perfect, the flowers were gorgeous and in the end they were MARRIED! FataFelice is still planning on having the dream wedding a year from now but I just think that they will always remember this ceremony and the friends and family that came together to make it all happen.

All the big wedding stuff is nice but in the end the only thing that really matters is you, your fiance, and your close family and friends. And that's really all you need!

Follow FataFelice's story and see more pictures on her blog!


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